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Clara had been adjusting well to Brenda and everything and everyone at Wayne mannor. Only she had woken up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. She stiffled a scream and just bolted out of the bed and room litke a white ghost panicking from the dream and running through hall wayus. She couldn't exactly stop herself. Her mind was on auto-pilot just reacting to the dream and not thinking about what she was doing until she found the stair case leading down to the front hall. She took the stairs two at a time before she ended up slipping and sliding down the last dozen landing in a heap and breathing heavily.

The moon is bright ouside. Steaming in touches of light to illuminate the front of the manor. And Clara ends up shutting her eyes. Trying to block out the raspy noise she thinks she's hearing but really isn't. And she carefully sits up pulling her thin legs against her chest to just stay there curled up and very nervous. Because she can hear other noises tha might be there or might not be. It could be all in her head.

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