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Katalyn ran down the street, panting as she hurried, skidding to a halt in a dead end alleyway she froze, then looked back at the pair of thugs coming after her.

Looking around she quickly grabbed an old pipe, holding it up.

"Leave ma alone!" the tiny girl said feircely.

"Oh ho, look at that," one of the thugs snickered, nudging his buddy. "Little girl has a weapon."

"Better be scared," his partner snickered. Then he shook his head, then advancing on her. "Seriously, sweetie, just put the pipe down. We'll make it a lot better for ya if you jsut come without a fuss."

"Like @#%$!" she screeched, lashing out quickly.

The man screamed, toppling over.

"My knee!" he bellowed.

"You little @#%#^," the other man screeched, reaching for her and grabbing the pipe as it swung again.

Katalyn's eyes got huge, and she started to squirm and kick at him, desperately re-reaching for her powers, which were still not working when she needed them to.

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That's when I chose to send an R-shaped shuriken directly at the guy's hand, watching as it pierced his skin and was embedded inside.

"Seriously, just leave the girl alone." I advised while dropping from a nearby fire escape, my eyes narrowed to slits. "I'll make it better for you guys if you just turn yourselves over to the police without a fuss."

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I watched as Katalyn brought the thug down with a shot to his knee. Despite myself, I couldn't help but grin while pulling a set of handcuffs from my belt.

"That doesn't mean you can't accept help when you need it, and from my position, you needed it." I replied calmly, my staff in one hand and the cuffs in another. The thug might be down for now...but he could've been playing possum.

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My eyes narrowed further at seeing the intensity at which the girl ensured that the guy was taken out-if he didn't have any brain damage before, he did now!-but I couldn't do anything about it now. She had a point; this guy did have a partner.

"Stay here and wait for the cops-and then we're gonna have a talk on how you apprehend criminals without endangering their lives." Before she could even reply back with a retort, I was already heading down the alleyway, pinpointed in what direction 'chicken legs' had run off and was hot on his trail in seconds.

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It hadn't taken me long to catch up to the fleeing guy and perform a running tackle on his legs, bringing him down within seconds. Though him hitting his head on the garbage can was a complete accident and was something I hadn't expected.

"You're under arrest...!" I announced to his semi-conscious form while pulling out another set of cuffs and securing him with them. "You have the right to remain flat on your stomach-or on your back, if I decided to flip you over. If you deny yourself this right, or try to get away, I'll have to give you a concussion like your friend has."

At noticing the police arriving, I pointed toward the alley in which the girl and the other guy were at. "You do have the right to an attorney, but by the time he gets here you'll already be behind bars and awaiting trial for attempted robbery and attempted assault of a young girl."

I finished my updated Miranda rights as a police officer came by and took one of the two assailants away. That task taken care of, I went back toward the alley as fast as I could.

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My eyebrows rose a bit at reading down the list of names of girls. They'd been doing this for two years?! And no one had been able to do anything about it?

"Thanks..." I began, but stopped at hearing her brief explanation about a would-be lecture. My eyes narrowed behind my mask at a certain comment being heard within my vicinity.

"Partner, not sidekick. And, I can be just as responsible as anyone else." Putting my staff away, I held onto the paper while eyeing her one last time.

"Try and stay away from dark alleyways next time." I advised as I headed to where the police were at, information in hand.
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Dämmerung watched the exchange from where she crouched with the gargoyles on the edge of a roof, but waited till Kat was alone before lifting arms and wings and leaping down lightly in front of the girl.
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"They're vorried," said the winged woman softly. "I've come to bring you home."
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"After you've recovered," countered Dämmerung calmly. "At the moment she vants you to join her in her training."
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The winged woman stepped out of the shadows in front of her. "Are you trying to ensure that Batwoman never returns to the streets?"

Near morning

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Brenda sat in her wheelchair looking out the window, her back to Kat's bed. She'd finally gotten so tired of the loop her thoughts where stuck in that she'd blanked her mind and turned it resolutely to God. Or tried to. Her mind had been a frightening blank for the past couple hours.

Re: Near morning

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Brenda didn't turn at the change in the girl's breathing, though her mind began to work again. "Kat?"

Re: Near morning

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"From what I heard it was necessary to keep you from injuring yourself," came the low reply.

Re: Near morning

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Brenda drew in a deep breath. "I would have done the same thing in her place. Don't forget, you're only working in Gotham because Batwoman lets you."

Yes, talking about the Bat as though they weren't one and the same person.