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Katalyn ran down the street, panting as she hurried, skidding to a halt in a dead end alleyway she froze, then looked back at the pair of thugs coming after her.

Looking around she quickly grabbed an old pipe, holding it up.

"Leave ma alone!" the tiny girl said feircely.

"Oh ho, look at that," one of the thugs snickered, nudging his buddy. "Little girl has a weapon."

"Better be scared," his partner snickered. Then he shook his head, then advancing on her. "Seriously, sweetie, just put the pipe down. We'll make it a lot better for ya if you jsut come without a fuss."

"Like @#%$!" she screeched, lashing out quickly.

The man screamed, toppling over.

"My knee!" he bellowed.

"You little @#%#^," the other man screeched, reaching for her and grabbing the pipe as it swung again.

Katalyn's eyes got huge, and she started to squirm and kick at him, desperately re-reaching for her powers, which were still not working when she needed them to.

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