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The Next Evening

Gordon sighed as he walked into the dark warehouse, looking around and waiting for the Batwoman.

"You always did like the darkest places," he said, sighing as he sat on a crate and waited, partially afraid of what he might find left of the Bat after all this time.

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She watched him from the shadows, her lips thinning as she read his body language and saw how old he was looking now. Arms crossed over the chest of the simple black turtleneck that she wore along with the boot-like robot braces.

"Alright, he's here," she subvocalized into her mike, so softly that the waiting man would hear nothing. "Keep your eyes open."

"Ja," came Dämmerung's equally low reply.

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She watched him in silence for a few moments more, then flicked a pebble so that it rattled off a crate several feet away from her.

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"As jumpy as ever," she noted in the Batvoice, which he hadn't heard plainly since before Brent died and she'd taken up the mech suit.

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"I was there beside him when he died."

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"You never did ask what happened to Batboy."

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"I wish that it had been me instead of him." Her voice was hollow as she remembered that night.

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Brenda watched him go, then turned blindly and sought shelter between some crates and a wall so she could cry without being discovered or falling over.

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Brenda didn't realize he'd come back. She wouldn't have. She was standing in her corner behind the crates, leaning against the wall with one arm while her other hand covered her mouth, her sobs echoing slightly as she pushed away the urge to go and make the Joker hurt. -God, it's hard. I can't do this. Not on my own. Help me... please.-

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She started convulsively, shoulders stiffening with surprise and alarm as she wondered if he'd seen her face.

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"He would have done it on his own if I hadn't let him work with me." She stood and let herself be comforted for a moment, then pushed away and lifted an arm to wipe her eyes on her sleeve.

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"Did I mention it took me awhile to work out who he was?" She looked at him quizzically, her eyes widening a fraction as she saw his expression. Then she squared her jaw. "My days on the rooftops are over."

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"Better than it has been." She looked away, thinking of home.

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"I'm healed." She cocked her head, feeling a surge of sympathy at the look in his eyes and the slump of his shoulders.

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"I'll get stronger with exercise, but barring a miracle, no."

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Brenda's attention was elsewhere as she listened to a report from the small microphone in her ear. She subvocalized a reply, then looked up at the Commissioner. "Two-Face is breaking into Gotham Central bank. If you hurry you'll be able to be on the scene."