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Visiting the Manor

Jim Gordon sighed as he pulled up to the Wayne mansion, still reeling over discovering the true identity of the Batwoman.

He stopped the car, then picked up the fresh bundle of carnations he'd picked up on the way back from the late shift, going up to the door and lifting his hand to knock, only to suddenly hear an angry scream and then the sounds of a heated argument coming from inside.

Suddenly an older woman Gordon knew as the poor-treating doctor Leslie opened the door suddenly, looking hassled and inviting him inside. He frowned and entered, then started and bolted for the crashing sound coming from a side room that was the opposite direction from the parlor where he'd been invited.

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"Bree! Stop it!" The Bat voice caused strong men to quake in their tracks.

It had no effect on an irate six year old.

Brenda growled as her tiny double lit into Kat like a young pit bull, punching and biting, then tried her best to separate the girls without getting wounded too badly in the process.

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"Don't wear that upstairs," growled Brenda, holding onto Ace as she bent double and tried to catch her breath from a major kick to the solar plexus.

"Brenda!" Bree gave a little cry of dismay and hurried to her 'older sister's' side with real concern.

"I'm alright." Brenda gave her a stern look. "Go and talk to Alfred."

Bree shrank small and crept from the room, looking totally chastened.

Brenda swallowed and lowered herself to sit on the floor, then held out a hand toward the back of the couch. "Come here, Clara. It's alright."

Dark eyes looked at her, then withdrew.

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"They made him with my DNA." She arched one eyebrow at him. "He has my father's nose and my mother's eyebrows."

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She sealed her lips and shook her head. "I haven't got the evidence yet."

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She nodded, one finger tracing a scar on his finger that she remembered the origin of. She'd been rather amused way back when when the young police detective had taken it on himself to try and get a batarang out of the wall and wound up slicing his finger.

-God, guide me.-

"Contrary to what you've seen on television I'm an old-fashioned girl."

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She sighed and held his hand more firmly, feeling a tiny part of herself relax just a little bit. She trusted him, and that felt good.

Her eyes rose to meet his as she nodded. "How was the night?"

She already knew about all the criminal activity and what had been stopped, but she wanted to know how things were for him.

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"He doesn't need anti-inflammatories," Brenda pointed out, actually pouting as she watched the setting up. It was an expression she'd used since a child, but it probably looked odd to Jim Gordon, used as he was to the grim Batwoman.

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"I... don't want coffee flavored tea." She peered suspiciously into her cup. "If this is bribery to take my medicine it's not working."

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"I never did! This is the first time I even thought of it!" Brenda's brow furrowed. "Wait... Alfred told her about that... I was six years old!"

Bree ducked and set to work very industriously.

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She shook her head and heaved a put-upon sigh, but then leaned back into the crook of the loveseat arm and sipped her coffee thoughtfully. "No, she doesn't. But I suspect she's been staying here quite often."

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"Thank you." Brenda wracked her brains for a conversation topic, but came up blank. She could chatter with the best of the bimbos if she put her mind to it, but that wouldn't help her in this situation.

Finally she sighed and glanced at the girls, then snapped her fingers for Ace and told him to bring her crutches.

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"I'm good. Thank you." She smiled up at him, then set her empty coffee cup down and took the crutches before standing. The move brought her very close to the Commissioner, and she looked up at him thoughtfully before turning away.

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Brenda chuckled and called for the lights, which switched on and showed the main computer area.

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"Welcome to the Batcave." She reached the bottom of the stairs and crutched over to sit in front of the Crays, her ears as always tuned to the rustling and squeaking of the bats.

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"That's not what you said before you took down the signal," she noted.

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"And then all the paparazzi would have had to dig for the reason why the richest woman in Gotham went for a nobody." She smirked, then sobered and turned away. "He's loved me for sixteen years. And he's not a criminal mastermind."