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Eva and Adao almost stumbled out of the portal, 
Eva nearly dropping Krypto.
"CAR!!!!" Adao said excited rushing up to it "Woah thats so cool" he murmered looking through the window. 
Eva squeeled with delight seeing the bats "PETS!"

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Brenda frowned at the alarm, then spun her chair to look toward the squeal before getting to her feet and slipping into the shadows, Bree her silent shadow.

She managed to get close to the intruders without being seen and watched, feeling her heart drop as she caught sight of their faces.

STAY HERE, she signed to Bree, who nodded her wordless reply.

And then Dämmerung stepped out from the shadows under the car and looked at Adao for a moment before turning to Eva. "So, you've come."

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"I'm rather fond of it myself." Brenda came forward into the light, her icy blue eyes calm despite her feelings. "You'll have to forgive me, but I wasn't expecting visitors."

That pale, sculpted face did indeed carry a resemblance to Eva, though at the moment it looked as cold as it was beautiful.

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Brenda stiffened, but awkwardly returned the embrace before stepping away. "Thank you."

And then a deep bark sent the bats to squeaking and made Krypto's tail wag till it blurred. A massive black Irish Wolfhound came loping out of some back way of the Cave and came to sit at his mistress's side, tail wagging in greeting for his friend and for these children who smelled like family.

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"Have you tried signing up for lessons?" She looked down at Ace, who looked back.

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"Did Laura Luthor send you?" asked Brenda bluntly.

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"How do I know this isn't a trap?" She signed for Bree to go upstairs, and the child did so.

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Those icy eyes studied them for several long moments, meeting theirs and reading what she saw there.

-They look so much like Clark... even the girl. God, why does this keep happening? How long will these stay?-

"You realize that you'll have to pretend to be human?" she asked coldly, letting them know without actually saying it that she intended to let them stay.

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Brenda stopped and turned to look at them, her face once more looking cold as marble as she studied those eager young faces.

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Adao got a Look that chilled him to his toes. "Put it outside."

Then she switched from the Batvoice to her normal one. "How about M...." She took a deep breath and forced the word out. "Mom."

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"No. Master is for addressing a young person."

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"We're not teaching karate," she said distractedly, peeking into the kitchen and wondering just HOW she was supposed to explain this to Alfred without giving the man a heart attack.

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Brenda stopped herself from stiffening with surprise and looked down at her, then awkwardly patted her back. "Hello."

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"You'll need somewhere to sleep." She tried to smile in return, then looked toward the breakfast nook where Bree sat watching. "And meet the other kids."

-Once I find them all,- she added to herself.