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Detective Jim, On the Case

Jim shut off his car and slowly got out, stretching before reaching in and grabbing some disks he'd brought from the office. He couldn't wait to see what the Bat computers made of the information he'd brought, not to mention what Brenda herself would think.

Bringing out a small bouquette of her favorite flowers he blinked, then looked at the house nervously before sighing and going up. He really, really hoped the small girl who ran about in the black and gold costume didn't try to trip im down the stairs again.
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There was the sound of two dogs barking in response to the ring as Alfred opened the door and nodded him inside. "Miss Brenda is in her study, sir. She said that you should go ahead."

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She paused to examine the massive white blossoms on the huge old rosebush that took up a corner of the otherwise polished and perfect rose garden. When she spoke her voice was so low that he nearly missed it. "So... I'm a mother."

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"Stop what?" She swallowed.

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Independence shown in those proud, tearful eyes; her strong, dominant nature showing clearly.

And then she took a deep breath and relaxed, eyes closed as she submitted to him. "Bring me inside."

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She closed her eyes and finally looked closely at her feelings toward him. "Our relationship."

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She closed her hand and looked up at him, wanting to hash out more details, but sensing that this wasn't the right time.

"Now what?" Her voice was nearly a whisper.

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She put her hand over his where it lay against her stomach, eyes dreamy and uncharacteristically soft as she gazed at the darkened window. "I don't want a prenuptial agreement. This isn't about money. And I don't want a big public ceremony, either."

Then she cocked an eye toward the door. "Yes, Leslie?"

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"So then you won't be my bridesmaid, either?"

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"You mean you haven't been watching us when we work at night?" Brenda leaned back slightly and looked down at her with surprise.

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Brenda smiled at him mildly. "Have you got a squad car or your own tonight?"


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Re: Much Later that Night

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Brenda was contemplating the novelty of getting married in casuals and then dressing up for dessert. She smiled at Jim's question and leaned over to give him a quick kiss. "Well? That's a deep subject."

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"We eat a little supper." She took his hand and looked at where the new ring covered the place that the old one had left, then held it to her cheek and felt like she was being silly. "And then it's your turn to choose."

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"Yes." She took a deep breath and smiled more firmly.

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"Just let me take something off of it first." She smirked, remembering the day she'd planted the little microphone on the venerable piece of furniture.

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Brenda apologized to the waiter, then handed him her credit card with instructions to take a hefty tip. She watched him go, then turned to look at her husband, the corners of her mouth turning up again despite herself.

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The trip back to the hotel room and the return of their rental finery went without a hitch, and then they found themselves standing on a sidewalk near a park.

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The smirk grew, but the only reply that she gave was a quick poke in his ribs.

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"Yes." Seeing his happiness brought out her own smile as she realized for certain now that she'd done the right thing. "Let's go."

With a last glance around she turned and started toward the street to call a cab.