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Two figures appear in the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor.  One should be very familiar to the occupants of this universe.  Clad in blue and purple, she's as beautiful as Selena Kyle with all the confidence of Bruce Wayne.  Helena Wayne, the Huntress, daughter of the Batman and Catwoman of Earth-Two. 

The other is a man approaching forty, just starting to gray, but in the fantastic shape that comes from a lifetime of exercise.  His costume is a combination reds, yellows, and green, bright colors that had followed him since childhood.  Dick Grayson, Robin, one-time partner of the late Batman and ex-Boy Wonder.  He's loosely holding a bag which contains a change of clothes for the two.

"You sure about this, Hel?"

She nods.  "I am, Dick.  I know she's married and all... but I worry about "Aunt" Brenda sometimes.  She's got a lot on her plate and a full house.  I'm sure she could use some company and cheering up."

He laughs, something that comes easily to the former sidekick.  "Bruce as a woman.  Scary thought."

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"Don't start," comes a growl from a nearby speaker. "Don't even think of starting."

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The voice cracks and quivers slightly even as it tries to be stern. "I mean it."
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Clark looks at him. "Mom likes having Helena here. But if you make her night any worse I'll...."

"Clark!" comes the astonished and flabbergasted snap from the speaker.

He blushed hugely.
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"I didn't build it. They just found me."
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"Ah!" Bree suddenly sits up with alarm. "Clark, let me go! I must not wear this upstairs!"

"Take her back and let her change," says Brenda without turning.

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"Jay Garrick?" Brenda looks at her quizzically as the sound of someone tumbling down the stairs reaches them.
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"Thanks." Clark quirks a rueful grin as he carefully picks up the pieces of broken glass.

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"I wish some of these kids could understand that." She sighs and takes another bite of sandwich.

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"Then why am I not laughing about what Dick just sat in?" She arches one eyebrow.

"Is that where the peanut butter went?" Clark blanches.

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"I know. Here, put this chocolate cupcake on his plate." She passes over the treat, then gives one to Clark.

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"I don't know. Turn around and let me look."

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"Wait till you meet her when she's fully awake," says Brenda wryly, though there's a soft light in her eyes as she looks at her little alter-self.

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"I'm going to eat all of this." She reaches for a cookie to spread some on.