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Mayhem's After

Dick's head was down as he shoved the broom forward, sending a small wave of broken china bits toward the corner where the rest of it was. He wasn't dressed in much; a pair of pajama bottoms and a small white tee.

He was mad about the whole episode; mad that he'd gotten stopped by the golden boy Clark, mad that he couldn't get Bee to fight, and mad about being banished to his room afterwards. Now Alfred had dragged him downstairs to clean up the devastating mess that he'd made.

Looking at the torn wall paper and bashed furniture Dick wondered if he'd have to fix all that too. Probably.

Gritting his teeth he shoved again at the broom, then swore fluently as he stepped on a large shard of pottery he'd missed. He picked up the shard and chucked it as hard as he could at the pile, then lifted his foot to inspect the damage.

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