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So it was that Helena found herself on the doorstep of her "Aunt" Brenda's manor, dressed normally, rather than in costume.  Technically, you might say she was here on business, but she would prefer to speak in the manor and not the cave.

She had a lot on her mind, big choices to make, and she wasn't really sure she was making the right one.  Part of her said yes, part of her said no, and part of her really didn't know what to thing.  Her teammates supported her, Dick... almost did, but what she really needed right now was her father's support, and since that was not an option, she needed to seek out an alternate.  "Uncle" Bruce was always an option, of course, but Aunt Brenda also potentially seemed like the better one to ask.

So she knocks.
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Alfred starts from where he's refereeing a near free for all between Brenda and the twins in the living room, then gives everyone present a Look before going to the door. A quick glance at the security camera and he opens it. "Miss Helena, what a pleasant surprise!"

"Owwww, you dirty %$#%@#$#@!" shouts Dick from somewhere upstairs.

Alfred sighs.
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"Oh no," he says lightly. "That's actually only Master Dick's second outburst for the day. I'm sure Miss Brenda will be glad to see you. She's in the front den with the twins."

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"No. I'm just wondering what brought this on." She shifts onto her side.

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"Ah." A smile comes to her eyes.

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"If you're sure." Brenda smirks and props herself up a little more.

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"Dick Grayson seems to be a very emotional person," notes Brenda, helping herself to the treats.

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"So long as being the children of heroes doesn't make them cocky," she warns, a bit of the Bat showing.

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"Drill drill drill till everyone's sick of it and can do it in their sleep."

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"There are men who are strong enough to take the truth and stand beside you," says Brenda softly, knowing that Helena will know this already, but feeling that the words won't hurt to be said.

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"And no harm in working on your own till you find one."

Says the loner who still gets a shock when she looks at her wedding ring.

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"Mmm hmm." Brenda smirks.

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"I beg to differ... though the lack of Joker could be an argument in your favor, I suppose."

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"Are they serious threats?" Her brows draw together.

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"Magic." She scowls with disgust, feeling glad that Joker and her other foes had never bothered with it.