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Video Games

Dick curled up in the library, sure this was the one place nobody would think of to look for him, frowning intensely as his hands flew over the game controls. His eyes, however, seemed to be staring through the handheld, and though he was curled up in a more or less hidden corner on a beanbag chair his body was rigid and trembling slightly.

There was a noise, and he jerked, looking up in time to see a shadow slip out of a vernt and land, forming into the tall, slender black and gold form of Katalyn. She blinked and stretched, then looked over.

"Hiding?" she said scornfully.

"And what've you been doing?" he shot back, anger making his face flushed. Kat stared at him, then sniffed and walked out.

"Nothing I'd let you get into, crybaby," she said, going to walk out.

"I'm not a crybaby!" Dick snarled.

"Right. That's not why you destroy everything and run off to hide in corners," she snorted, leaving. Dick glared after her, then settled back and shivered, putting the game down and covering his face.

"I'm not a crybaby," he snarled softly to himself, even as his eyes burned.

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