Jan. 6th, 2007

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Stephanie Brown walked around the Gotham University, studying the classes, the people, and learning as much as she could about the place. Especially the science lab. A few days ago she and Hunter had recovered some strange gems from some criminals.

Stephanie was taking this time to learn names of the professors, so the undercover work would be easier done. It was something she learned under Batman and Robin, learn your foe, that way you are better prepared to deal with the unexpected.

It also gave her time to think about other things, like seeing Batman again and Robin. Tim. She sat down, seeing Tim again was the biggest surprise of them all. Stephanie could not help to wonder what else was out there, waiting as a surprise.
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She smiled, anticipating the moment.

The scientist was fleeing, but Katalyn was in front of him, not behind. He didn't see her because he was focused on the falling shadow of the Batman.

Sticking out her foot from the shadows she smiled, satisfied when he crashed to the alleyway with a yelp.

"You'd think a genius would have some sort of aircraft on his rooftop," she shook her head, muttering as she went to the fallen man as she coughed. "I mean please. Running from a Bat on foot is just stupid."

She reached down and grabbed his gun, trigged her left claw and sliced through it, then chucked it. "Hold still. The Bat's a second away," she laughed softly, golden eyes gleaming as she put a foot on the back of his neck. He made some muffled growl, but she only rolled her eyes, then looked up, grinning.

"Hey. There you are," she said. This was a good night. A very, good night.
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"We did so much for him, helped him back from near death, and he repays us like this!" sobbed the attractive blond on the television, her blue eyes red-rimmed with weeping. "He killed my brother! You have to find him! You must!"

Brenda watched blearily as Linda Luthor collapsed artistically into the arms of one of her bodyguards, her eyes narrowed suspiciously over the oxygen mask that Alfred had put on her when he'd gone to call Leslie. As ever, she thought there was something wrong with the way the woman moved, as though she were stronger than she should be. But that wasn't what had her angry now.

Lex Luthor was dead. Supposedly. She'd heard the story before.

But they were blaming Clark.

Her tension, coupled with the phlegm in her airways, threw her into a violent coughing fit.


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