Jan. 15th, 2007

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Finding the portal to this other world was easy enough, through that weird cafe and out the door, but actually getting around Gotham, even with the power of flight? Kinda hard. It was the first place on Earth that she had even been to, but Kara sorta had her hands full at the time to remember the streets. But she had heard around that this Gotham needed help, and even though she knew the Bat wouldn't really appreciate one of their kind helping out, she knew that it was the right, proper, and heroic thing to do.

So off she went, and now she was on top of one of those creepy gothic buildings, her bright blue uniform and bright red S shield sticking out in the gloom. If she heard correctly, this Gotham had a Bat-woman instead. Cool. Girl power.

Creed looked up as some blonde chick in a weird, girl version of the Superman outfit landed on his current rooftop. The large man was hidden by shadows, smoking, and a little annoyed about his current assignment.

"Hey, skirt. You wanna attract the attention of every weirdo in this joint you can go to another rooftop," he growled. He was taking a smoke break, and he didn't want in interrupted.
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Harley was not sure where Ivy had disappeared to, but was now wandering the streets of Gotham in her black-and-red costume. She did feel better, except for a feeling of loneliness in her heart. She had not seen her husband Jack in a while, and no one seemed to care that she was here or care about her. Same old Gotham.

Speaking of same old Gotham, a burglar alarm sounded off in a fur store to her left. Harley stopped in her tracks as she saw two random thiefs run into the street with an armful of furs. Laughing like it was the best crime ever.

She sighed. The shrugged her shoulders, figuring, 'hell I am still in costume'. She ran after them, luckily enough she was early enough in her pregnancy that she could still do this sort of athletic stunts. She was not as quick as she used to be, but still easily caught up with the fur-stealer's. It is hard to run with furs.

She pulled out a gun and a yo-yo, "freeze suckers!"

Then men stopped, then looked at the costumed woman who had just challenged of them. The gun did concern them. The yo-yo made them wonder what kind of weirdo they had run into the streets of Gotham this time. The strange fact was that Harley's yo-yo was more than a threat to them than the gun was, since the gun was a really good fake water-pistol that she had designed. She really did not want to take a person's life, not since she turned around her own life. But they did not know that. Neither would anyone watching her.

In the fashion of most thief, to be caught or to fight for their freedom, the men decided to screw it. They dropped their furs and both attacked her. Harley dodged the first couple of kicks and punches, glad to see that most of her agility had not left her. But she knew that she would need help soon. The yo-yo would not cut it for long. And she really did not want to activate its explosive properties.


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