Jan. 16th, 2007

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Dämmerung stood in the shadows atop the building where she'd first met Batman, her mobile ears taking in the sounds of the city as she looked down at the remains of the single rose the costumed man had left in the alley the night they'd met. She'd been patrolling the city as he'd ordered since then, staying out of sight during the day or crouching in plain sight next to the many stone statues that the city was adorned with. During her second night here she'd exchanged her skirt and blouse for a black swimsuit that she'd found in a Goodwill bag with the thought that the garment would be more suited to the duties expected of her by her new family leader. Her mid back length hair was pulled into a braid so as to not give away her position during her gargoyle crouches, and the necklace her father had given her was now in a pouch tied around her waist so as to keep it safe.

She missed him, and the rest of her family. But she was doing well, by the grace of the Starsinger.


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