Jan. 17th, 2007

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She'd woken alone in a hospital room dazed and confused, getting up she'd started to walk around the hospital, pulling the drip in her arm with her. Everytime she saw someone they gasped and rushed away from her, which was building a sense of fear in her, a knot in her stomach that was hard to ignore. And then, then she had seen armed guards. They had ran at her yelling for her to stop, and she did what came first to her mind. She ran.......
She wasn't sure what had happened after that, she remembered winds rushing around her, shimmering blue, cold, then warmth, falling, water, to much to take in. Finally when she started to return to her senses she looked around at the tall buildings, the darkness of it all. The smell. She covered her face glancing around. She was lost, and currently unaware who she was, where she was, in fact what she was.
She looked at her self in the large glass windows of one of the shops. Her skin green, she touched her reflection, wondering how she came to be.....
welcome to the birth of Beastgirl.


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