Jan. 20th, 2007

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"Well, that was a bust," came a haggled voice after there was a boom and a flash of light in the seedy little park in the middle of town. Four men stumbled out of a portal and into the darkness of the Gotham twilight. "Scientists. All alike, huh?"

"Roy, he was trying to help. It was an honest mistake."

"Mistake my sweet bippy, he did it on purpose. Told you he was really a villain in disguise."

"Don't start that again, I thought he was a very kind old chap--"

The blonde man in a dark uniform with shiny, expensive looking advertising stickers and patches all over it made a whistling noise and rolled his eyes. "Look, fellows. There's no use arguing. Now I have to find a way back, Champion City needs me. Of course. And so do my sponsors. Anyway, why don't the three of you boys wait here while I take a look around?" He smiled politely, and it was obvious he didn't think the 'amateur' heroes were good enough for him to take with him on his search. Maybe he was even going to leave them behind but no...that wasn't good for publicity.

"Er, per'aps we ought to do what the good Captain says, right?" Blue Rajah, turban a little lopsided from the journey, suggested. "I mean, there's no use getting us all lost in this place, hmm?" His British accent was firm and proper.

"Wait, no. You're not going anywhere until we at least get your cell phone number or something so you don't leave us behind...by accident, of course," said Roy, who could usually see past such facades even though he put up a big one himself. "It could like...make me angry if you did."

"And we wouldn't want that to happen," Captain Amazing smiled politely again. "Look. I'm not going to leave you, I promise. It's better if I take a look around and you three stay here, strength in numbers. Okay?" He ran off before the three could protest.

"Well. Looks like we better stay here," said Shoveller, sitting on a ratty park bench, holding his shiny shovel rather rightly.

Roy, or Mr. Furious as he was better known, shook his head and turned around with a flap of his dark trenchcoat, making his way towards the path to get out of the park. "I ain't. I'm gonna look around."

"Oh, please don't do that, you could get lost and we'll never find you," Blue Raja protested, but Roy had already walked too far for them to see.

"Oh dear."

(This is before the events of the movie which accounts for Captain Amazing still being alive, and the three heroes are still in their second-string stage. Feel free to tag the Capt, Mr. Furious, Blue Raja, or the Shoveller. :D)


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