Jun. 13th, 2007

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She'd taken a quick patrol joyride in the Tumbler while Leslie and Alfred's backs were turned, just needing to get out and think after the conversations that she'd had a few days before in the Nexus. Those talks had stirred up memories; made her restless.

So she'd slipped into the new uniform that she'd designed (not too different looking from her first one but sporting several integrated upgrades and robot boots) and come here to her favorite vantage point to brood among the gargoyles as the wind blew her cape to billows around her.

She frowned and pulled it around her, hiding the yellow symbol on her chest despite the fact that she was wearing a cloaker and no one would be able to see it. Her mind went to the child that she'd left curled contentedly in the passenger seat of the Tumbler, and she frowned at how determined her younger twin was to pursue the life of a costumed vigilante. Bree did the workouts she assigned and would often have to be ordered out of the Cave when workout time was over. And Brenda had found her more than once pouring relentlessly over any information that fell into her small hands, be it encyclopedia or information pamphlets that she'd written away for. And the child's little pink notebooks were marvels of organized data.

Brenda shook her head. -I never started that young. And she doesn't even remember her parents.-

The thought made her frown and turn her face to the wind.


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