Jul. 16th, 2007

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This was decidedly not Gotham as she knew it.  The absence of several familiar landmarks was indication enough of that.  She had tried, without success, to find the Justice Society's headquarters, a brownstone in the heart of Gotham.  A quick checked had confirmed that her apartment was occupied by persons other than herself.

All this simply added up to the fact that she was not on Earth-2.  Though with an infinite number of possible worlds, this was not the maddening revelation it might have been to some.  Further checking, however, had confirmed that she was not on Earth-1 either.  The absence of a Justice League teleporter, the location of which she was familiar with, suggested that she was not on their world either.

She was, however, able to eliminate a number of world's from her list.  Neither Earth-S, Earth-X, or Earth-Prime had a Gotham City.  It left open the possibility of Earth-3, home to the villainous Crime Syndicate, but somehow, that did not seem likely.

Was there a Batman here in this world?  A League?  A Society?  Some other hero that she could turn to?  And even if there was, would they believe her story?  Parallel Earths alone with a hard enough concept to understand, but her own, with her status as Batman's daughter, could be seen as even more improbable. 

Further, it looked as though she had slipped, not just across the multiverse, but in time as well.  There were too many models of cars she didn't recognize, too many other little things that suggested a time ahead of her own.

Standing on a rooftop, overlooking the city, the Huntress had never felt more alone.


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