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Brenda gritted her teeth as she rolled her wheelchair toward the door of the Thomas Wayne Museum of Antiquities, feeling painfully aware of the three dark-haired little girls who clustered around it. Alfred had suggested that she take Kat, Bree, and Clara out to celebrate the lovely day, and she privately wondered what she'd done to tick him off so badly. She'd already seen tabloid stories about how at least one of them was a secret lovechild from some union with this actor or public figure or that, and was sure that this would only add fuel to the fire.

Bree thanked the doorman seriously as he opened the huge carved door, then stepped aside and watched as Brenda rolled inside.

"It's good to see you up, Miss Wayne," said the man respectfully as she passed.

She smiled her socialite smile, eyes dancing with a happiness that she was far from feeling. "Thank you, it's so lovely to be out and about again!"

He touched his cap and smiled, and she faced forward again, wishing that Bree would stop laughing at her. She could read the kid's mind like a book and what it was saying was seriously annoying her.

Come to think of it she understood why Alfred had sent her out today.
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Pika slowly pads down the street, looking around, then sniffing, searching in vain for a familiar scent.

Her tiny Bat cowl was still on, but half the cape burnt off, beneath her fur singed and ruffled, and the tiny thing was walking with a slight limp.

She looked around, then wailed softly, limping to a manhole cover and sniffing it. But there were no scents on it, and when she knocked her paw on it, but there was no answer.

The tiny orange kitten looked up, eyes widdening wen she smelled electricity. A moment later there was a crack and then a downpour.

The tiny kitten hurried under a garbage can lid, which was leaning against the can it had fallen from. There she cowered, mewing loudly, wishing for her friends to come find her.
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Brenda crutched slowly through the Manor, hearing the sound of Alfred whistling somewhere upstairs and feeling that it added to the sense of unreality she was feeling. It had been three weeks since she'd been kidnapped and dropped in a Lazarus pit by R'as al Ghul; about the same length of time since Clark and Will and Bruce had disappeared. Now here she was, back on her feet and with custody of three small girls; one of which was a younger version of herself.

"Monsieur Alfred sounds happy," came the subdued comment from somewhere by her hip.

"Of course he's happy. It's two in the afternoon and I'm up here being normal," she said dryly.

"I wonder what became of him in my own reality," said Bree wistfully.

Brenda swallowed. "We could try to find out after I'm off Dr. Leslie's invalid list."

"I would like that, thank you."

-So grave and old for her age. I wasn't like that, was I?- "You're welcome."
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Ras was fed up.

"Get this plane back and landed now, or your heads will decorate my front lawn!" he near snarled from where he hovered anxiously over Brenda, working to keep her alive as his jet raced for his hideout.

"We're going as fast as we can, sir," one said. He snarled at him, and the soldier took that as his cue to leave and stepped out.

Ras turned back to Brenda, hard gray eyes softening as he stroked her hair.

"Hold on, fair one, you'll be saved soon enough," he murmured.
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((Tag [livejournal.com profile] dbattyones))

So he was alone in the city. Alone, except for his own thoughts. And even those were pretty lonely, too.

Roy kept replaying the last conversation he had with Jeff and Eddie back home.

"Are you sure you want to stay there? I mean last time you could have been killed!"

"I know what I'm doing, Eddy. I have to go back."

"But really," the Blue Raja protested. "You can't go back alone. It was dangerous enough as the last time--"

"Well, apparently too dangerous for the both of you. Because danger is my middle name, or at least figuratively, it is. I wouldn't go alone if you two came, but since you're not coming, I guess I'm by myself. So...you coming?"

Eddy and Jeff looked down, a little embarrassed. "You know, there are plenty of other heroes there, Roy. Even Batman. Don't you think they have enough help there?"

"Didn't you hear? They don't. They need all the help they can get. And at least we have Amazing here, so...we're good. I guess that's my answer. That's it. I'm going by myself. From now on, this man's an island...of one man."


So now Roy was off, taking in the sights of the city, getting his bearings so he could go on what was that...'patrol'? Yeah, so he could do that. After his talk with Mornbein, the real reason why he wanted to stay here was to prove himself again. Not that he'd admit that to anybody. But Gotham had kicked his tail way too hard and he wasn't going to let her have the last laugh, no, he'd be the one laughing last. He was going to prove himself to this place once and for all. For all, at once.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 07:16 pm
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Two days had already passed since Bruce had seen Katalyn, and it was safe to say that he was seriously worried. She should have at least contacted him, let him know she was okay, even if she wanted to be alone. So now he was at her home, not finding any sign of her presence for at least 48 hours. He crouched in the dark little home, pawing through her things, looking for anything, any clues that would give away even the slightest hint to where she could be.
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Ras stealthily crept down the side of the Wayne mansion, his eyes bright as he went to a window and lowered himself down, peering upside down into the room beyond. Nodding when he saw his prey, he waited.

For a moment he watched her, struggling to live, ready to die, and shook his head. He'd saved her once, and now it was time to do so again. It was time for her to reach her full potential, and he'd be the one to help her do it.

With a crash he burst through the window, standing upright and barely blinking as some old lady screamed and jumped up, going for her purse.

The sound died on her lips as he calmly smacked her unconscious, then went over to the bed.

"My darling," he murmured, stroking Brenda's hair and gazing at her for a moment. Then he nodded and disconected her from the monitors, picking her up gently and firmly, and then was gone into the night.


Jan. 21st, 2007 06:46 pm
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She sighed as she wandered down the alleyways. This was such a stupid idea, but she didn't like how Leslie kept trying to get her into normal clothes. She liked her costume. So did Bruce, and Superman. And now they'd all left. You close your eyes for two minutes and all the men leave.

Leslie is still back in her office, freaking out. Oh well.

And here was the infamous informant. Short, tired, a little doped up on pain relievers, and trying to track down the Batman before either one of them got into more trouble. Hurrah.
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"Well, that was a bust," came a haggled voice after there was a boom and a flash of light in the seedy little park in the middle of town. Four men stumbled out of a portal and into the darkness of the Gotham twilight. "Scientists. All alike, huh?"

"Roy, he was trying to help. It was an honest mistake."

"Mistake my sweet bippy, he did it on purpose. Told you he was really a villain in disguise."

"Don't start that again, I thought he was a very kind old chap--"

The blonde man in a dark uniform with shiny, expensive looking advertising stickers and patches all over it made a whistling noise and rolled his eyes. "Look, fellows. There's no use arguing. Now I have to find a way back, Champion City needs me. Of course. And so do my sponsors. Anyway, why don't the three of you boys wait here while I take a look around?" He smiled politely, and it was obvious he didn't think the 'amateur' heroes were good enough for him to take with him on his search. Maybe he was even going to leave them behind but no...that wasn't good for publicity.

"Er, per'aps we ought to do what the good Captain says, right?" Blue Rajah, turban a little lopsided from the journey, suggested. "I mean, there's no use getting us all lost in this place, hmm?" His British accent was firm and proper.

"Wait, no. You're not going anywhere until we at least get your cell phone number or something so you don't leave us behind...by accident, of course," said Roy, who could usually see past such facades even though he put up a big one himself. "It could like...make me angry if you did."

"And we wouldn't want that to happen," Captain Amazing smiled politely again. "Look. I'm not going to leave you, I promise. It's better if I take a look around and you three stay here, strength in numbers. Okay?" He ran off before the three could protest.

"Well. Looks like we better stay here," said Shoveller, sitting on a ratty park bench, holding his shiny shovel rather rightly.

Roy, or Mr. Furious as he was better known, shook his head and turned around with a flap of his dark trenchcoat, making his way towards the path to get out of the park. "I ain't. I'm gonna look around."

"Oh, please don't do that, you could get lost and we'll never find you," Blue Raja protested, but Roy had already walked too far for them to see.

"Oh dear."

(This is before the events of the movie which accounts for Captain Amazing still being alive, and the three heroes are still in their second-string stage. Feel free to tag the Capt, Mr. Furious, Blue Raja, or the Shoveller. :D)
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A giant yell from a nearly giant man as he flew from some hole in the sky and landed promptly on top of a rooftop, creating a nice little crater and knocking out the power within.

"What is this place, oh darkest of mysterious cities? Why have I been ousted from my home?" He stood at the edge of the rooftop, ignoring the cussing and yelling from the inhabitants 16 stories below. "I suppose that inter dimensional travel doohickey must've malfunctioned, or maybe it had a malice aforethought and threw me here to get rid of me in the City! Or maybe I am needed here, in a city with no heroes--"

Just then, Hunter swung by, not noticing, and disappearing into the inner city.

"Okay, so few heroes that probably need help. Yes, my help, the help of the Tick! This City cries out for help, and I am the 911 dispatcher that answers, and here comes the fire brigade! The police are on their way, hold on and don't panic, what's your address young man? Whatever this City is, it has chosen me of all it could have, and I am here to save the day!" He grinned widely and lept from the rooftop, landing on a shorter apartment building, causing bits of roof and cement to crumble to the ground below.
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She'd woken alone in a hospital room dazed and confused, getting up she'd started to walk around the hospital, pulling the drip in her arm with her. Everytime she saw someone they gasped and rushed away from her, which was building a sense of fear in her, a knot in her stomach that was hard to ignore. And then, then she had seen armed guards. They had ran at her yelling for her to stop, and she did what came first to her mind. She ran.......
She wasn't sure what had happened after that, she remembered winds rushing around her, shimmering blue, cold, then warmth, falling, water, to much to take in. Finally when she started to return to her senses she looked around at the tall buildings, the darkness of it all. The smell. She covered her face glancing around. She was lost, and currently unaware who she was, where she was, in fact what she was.
She looked at her self in the large glass windows of one of the shops. Her skin green, she touched her reflection, wondering how she came to be.....
welcome to the birth of Beastgirl.
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Dämmerung stood in the shadows atop the building where she'd first met Batman, her mobile ears taking in the sounds of the city as she looked down at the remains of the single rose the costumed man had left in the alley the night they'd met. She'd been patrolling the city as he'd ordered since then, staying out of sight during the day or crouching in plain sight next to the many stone statues that the city was adorned with. During her second night here she'd exchanged her skirt and blouse for a black swimsuit that she'd found in a Goodwill bag with the thought that the garment would be more suited to the duties expected of her by her new family leader. Her mid back length hair was pulled into a braid so as to not give away her position during her gargoyle crouches, and the necklace her father had given her was now in a pouch tied around her waist so as to keep it safe.

She missed him, and the rest of her family. But she was doing well, by the grace of the Starsinger.
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Harley was not sure where Ivy had disappeared to, but was now wandering the streets of Gotham in her black-and-red costume. She did feel better, except for a feeling of loneliness in her heart. She had not seen her husband Jack in a while, and no one seemed to care that she was here or care about her. Same old Gotham.

Speaking of same old Gotham, a burglar alarm sounded off in a fur store to her left. Harley stopped in her tracks as she saw two random thiefs run into the street with an armful of furs. Laughing like it was the best crime ever.

She sighed. The shrugged her shoulders, figuring, 'hell I am still in costume'. She ran after them, luckily enough she was early enough in her pregnancy that she could still do this sort of athletic stunts. She was not as quick as she used to be, but still easily caught up with the fur-stealer's. It is hard to run with furs.

She pulled out a gun and a yo-yo, "freeze suckers!"

Then men stopped, then looked at the costumed woman who had just challenged of them. The gun did concern them. The yo-yo made them wonder what kind of weirdo they had run into the streets of Gotham this time. The strange fact was that Harley's yo-yo was more than a threat to them than the gun was, since the gun was a really good fake water-pistol that she had designed. She really did not want to take a person's life, not since she turned around her own life. But they did not know that. Neither would anyone watching her.

In the fashion of most thief, to be caught or to fight for their freedom, the men decided to screw it. They dropped their furs and both attacked her. Harley dodged the first couple of kicks and punches, glad to see that most of her agility had not left her. But she knew that she would need help soon. The yo-yo would not cut it for long. And she really did not want to activate its explosive properties.
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Finding the portal to this other world was easy enough, through that weird cafe and out the door, but actually getting around Gotham, even with the power of flight? Kinda hard. It was the first place on Earth that she had even been to, but Kara sorta had her hands full at the time to remember the streets. But she had heard around that this Gotham needed help, and even though she knew the Bat wouldn't really appreciate one of their kind helping out, she knew that it was the right, proper, and heroic thing to do.

So off she went, and now she was on top of one of those creepy gothic buildings, her bright blue uniform and bright red S shield sticking out in the gloom. If she heard correctly, this Gotham had a Bat-woman instead. Cool. Girl power.

Creed looked up as some blonde chick in a weird, girl version of the Superman outfit landed on his current rooftop. The large man was hidden by shadows, smoking, and a little annoyed about his current assignment.

"Hey, skirt. You wanna attract the attention of every weirdo in this joint you can go to another rooftop," he growled. He was taking a smoke break, and he didn't want in interrupted.
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Clara was from another world like many people who found themselves here. Like them she also had a uniform and a name togo along with it, hers is Night Ranger. She felt strange when she started to fall through the portal. She had been stunned but as she fell from the great highs she snapped to attention and was about to shoot off a grapling hook to prevent herself from becoming one with a roof top.

"Got ya," she heard a voice call as a green light encased her. She gave a startled noise and stumbled to her feet in the green bubble she found herself in.


"You know...Normal people say thanks," the Green Lantern points out as he takes them in for a landing on top of a Gotham high rise.She shoots him a dark unforgiving look.

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The young Doctor wanders around aimlessly, his mind as lost as his body.
He wasn't afraid any more, and he was almost acting normal, well something that passed for normal. Although every time there was aflutter in the corner of his eye he jumped and murmered "BAT" he sighed carrying on walking "Need shelter" he mumbled.
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"We did so much for him, helped him back from near death, and he repays us like this!" sobbed the attractive blond on the television, her blue eyes red-rimmed with weeping. "He killed my brother! You have to find him! You must!"

Brenda watched blearily as Linda Luthor collapsed artistically into the arms of one of her bodyguards, her eyes narrowed suspiciously over the oxygen mask that Alfred had put on her when he'd gone to call Leslie. As ever, she thought there was something wrong with the way the woman moved, as though she were stronger than she should be. But that wasn't what had her angry now.

Lex Luthor was dead. Supposedly. She'd heard the story before.

But they were blaming Clark.

Her tension, coupled with the phlegm in her airways, threw her into a violent coughing fit.
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She smiled, anticipating the moment.

The scientist was fleeing, but Katalyn was in front of him, not behind. He didn't see her because he was focused on the falling shadow of the Batman.

Sticking out her foot from the shadows she smiled, satisfied when he crashed to the alleyway with a yelp.

"You'd think a genius would have some sort of aircraft on his rooftop," she shook her head, muttering as she went to the fallen man as she coughed. "I mean please. Running from a Bat on foot is just stupid."

She reached down and grabbed his gun, trigged her left claw and sliced through it, then chucked it. "Hold still. The Bat's a second away," she laughed softly, golden eyes gleaming as she put a foot on the back of his neck. He made some muffled growl, but she only rolled her eyes, then looked up, grinning.

"Hey. There you are," she said. This was a good night. A very, good night.
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Stephanie Brown walked around the Gotham University, studying the classes, the people, and learning as much as she could about the place. Especially the science lab. A few days ago she and Hunter had recovered some strange gems from some criminals.

Stephanie was taking this time to learn names of the professors, so the undercover work would be easier done. It was something she learned under Batman and Robin, learn your foe, that way you are better prepared to deal with the unexpected.

It also gave her time to think about other things, like seeing Batman again and Robin. Tim. She sat down, seeing Tim again was the biggest surprise of them all. Stephanie could not help to wonder what else was out there, waiting as a surprise.
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