Jan. 18th, 2007

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A giant yell from a nearly giant man as he flew from some hole in the sky and landed promptly on top of a rooftop, creating a nice little crater and knocking out the power within.

"What is this place, oh darkest of mysterious cities? Why have I been ousted from my home?" He stood at the edge of the rooftop, ignoring the cussing and yelling from the inhabitants 16 stories below. "I suppose that inter dimensional travel doohickey must've malfunctioned, or maybe it had a malice aforethought and threw me here to get rid of me in the City! Or maybe I am needed here, in a city with no heroes--"

Just then, Hunter swung by, not noticing, and disappearing into the inner city.

"Okay, so few heroes that probably need help. Yes, my help, the help of the Tick! This City cries out for help, and I am the 911 dispatcher that answers, and here comes the fire brigade! The police are on their way, hold on and don't panic, what's your address young man? Whatever this City is, it has chosen me of all it could have, and I am here to save the day!" He grinned widely and lept from the rooftop, landing on a shorter apartment building, causing bits of roof and cement to crumble to the ground below.


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