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Jan. 22nd, 2008 03:45 pm
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Brenda looks up from the pile of mail on her desk, then checks the clock and wheels back and out of the study. The house is fairly quiet as she goes, and she hopes that it stays that way. It still doesn't feel quite right to go to town with Jim and leave Alfred to deal with the children alone.

Even if he does deal with them better than she does.

She pauses in the front hall, listening and wondering where her husband is.
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Dick curled up in the library, sure this was the one place nobody would think of to look for him, frowning intensely as his hands flew over the game controls. His eyes, however, seemed to be staring through the handheld, and though he was curled up in a more or less hidden corner on a beanbag chair his body was rigid and trembling slightly.

There was a noise, and he jerked, looking up in time to see a shadow slip out of a vernt and land, forming into the tall, slender black and gold form of Katalyn. She blinked and stretched, then looked over.

"Hiding?" she said scornfully.

"And what've you been doing?" he shot back, anger making his face flushed. Kat stared at him, then sniffed and walked out.

"Nothing I'd let you get into, crybaby," she said, going to walk out.

"I'm not a crybaby!" Dick snarled.

"Right. That's not why you destroy everything and run off to hide in corners," she snorted, leaving. Dick glared after her, then settled back and shivered, putting the game down and covering his face.

"I'm not a crybaby," he snarled softly to himself, even as his eyes burned.
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So it was that Helena found herself on the doorstep of her "Aunt" Brenda's manor, dressed normally, rather than in costume.  Technically, you might say she was here on business, but she would prefer to speak in the manor and not the cave.

She had a lot on her mind, big choices to make, and she wasn't really sure she was making the right one.  Part of her said yes, part of her said no, and part of her really didn't know what to thing.  Her teammates supported her, Dick... almost did, but what she really needed right now was her father's support, and since that was not an option, she needed to seek out an alternate.  "Uncle" Bruce was always an option, of course, but Aunt Brenda also potentially seemed like the better one to ask.

So she knocks.
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Dick's head was down as he shoved the broom forward, sending a small wave of broken china bits toward the corner where the rest of it was. He wasn't dressed in much; a pair of pajama bottoms and a small white tee.

He was mad about the whole episode; mad that he'd gotten stopped by the golden boy Clark, mad that he couldn't get Bee to fight, and mad about being banished to his room afterwards. Now Alfred had dragged him downstairs to clean up the devastating mess that he'd made.

Looking at the torn wall paper and bashed furniture Dick wondered if he'd have to fix all that too. Probably.

Gritting his teeth he shoved again at the broom, then swore fluently as he stepped on a large shard of pottery he'd missed. He picked up the shard and chucked it as hard as he could at the pile, then lifted his foot to inspect the damage.
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Two figures appear in the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor.  One should be very familiar to the occupants of this universe.  Clad in blue and purple, she's as beautiful as Selena Kyle with all the confidence of Bruce Wayne.  Helena Wayne, the Huntress, daughter of the Batman and Catwoman of Earth-Two. 

The other is a man approaching forty, just starting to gray, but in the fantastic shape that comes from a lifetime of exercise.  His costume is a combination reds, yellows, and green, bright colors that had followed him since childhood.  Dick Grayson, Robin, one-time partner of the late Batman and ex-Boy Wonder.  He's loosely holding a bag which contains a change of clothes for the two.

"You sure about this, Hel?"

She nods.  "I am, Dick.  I know she's married and all... but I worry about "Aunt" Brenda sometimes.  She's got a lot on her plate and a full house.  I'm sure she could use some company and cheering up."

He laughs, something that comes easily to the former sidekick.  "Bruce as a woman.  Scary thought."
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Bree wandered into Adao's room and walked over to look at his book. "What are you reading?"
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Brenda came home from the Nexus, telling the girls to take Ace out and throw the ball for him for awhile and then wheeling wearily toward the elevator. The slight cough she'd wakened with that morning was worse, and her head was ringing slightly as though she had a fever, but she pushed away the symptoms as she rode down to the Cave. The formula that she hoped would restore Kat to her proper age was completed, and she'd finished the initial testing. Trials on adult mice had shown no effect, but trials on mice that had been regressed with the formula that Kat had been exposed to had returned to their proper appearance.

She'd done those tests seven days ago, and the mice continued healthy. So all that was left now was for human testing.

Brenda wheeled into the lab and scrubbed her hands, then removed the container of de-aging compound from the locked cupboard and set it in her lap while she also got the antidote. This done, she wheeled toward a containment room and locked herself inside.

One whiff of the compound had her blinking disorientedly at the change in perspective and a little sick to her stomach, but she steeled herself and injected the antidote straight into a vein.

Perspective changed again, and Brenda managed a smile before her eyes slipped shut and she toppled from the wheelchair.
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"YAY!" Super(kid)man yelped as they appeared in Gotham from the Nexus. He looked at Lois with excitement "SO, where now?" he asked brightly bouncing on the spot. Being a child again he was having difficulty keep his mind in adult mode, becoming the child he seems. "Shall we play Kiss Chase?"
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This was decidedly not Gotham as she knew it.  The absence of several familiar landmarks was indication enough of that.  She had tried, without success, to find the Justice Society's headquarters, a brownstone in the heart of Gotham.  A quick checked had confirmed that her apartment was occupied by persons other than herself.

All this simply added up to the fact that she was not on Earth-2.  Though with an infinite number of possible worlds, this was not the maddening revelation it might have been to some.  Further checking, however, had confirmed that she was not on Earth-1 either.  The absence of a Justice League teleporter, the location of which she was familiar with, suggested that she was not on their world either.

She was, however, able to eliminate a number of world's from her list.  Neither Earth-S, Earth-X, or Earth-Prime had a Gotham City.  It left open the possibility of Earth-3, home to the villainous Crime Syndicate, but somehow, that did not seem likely.

Was there a Batman here in this world?  A League?  A Society?  Some other hero that she could turn to?  And even if there was, would they believe her story?  Parallel Earths alone with a hard enough concept to understand, but her own, with her status as Batman's daughter, could be seen as even more improbable. 

Further, it looked as though she had slipped, not just across the multiverse, but in time as well.  There were too many models of cars she didn't recognize, too many other little things that suggested a time ahead of her own.

Standing on a rooftop, overlooking the city, the Huntress had never felt more alone.
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Jim shut off his car and slowly got out, stretching before reaching in and grabbing some disks he'd brought from the office. He couldn't wait to see what the Bat computers made of the information he'd brought, not to mention what Brenda herself would think.

Bringing out a small bouquette of her favorite flowers he blinked, then looked at the house nervously before sighing and going up. He really, really hoped the small girl who ran about in the black and gold costume didn't try to trip im down the stairs again.


Jul. 14th, 2007 10:07 pm
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Eva and Adao almost stumbled out of the portal, 
Eva nearly dropping Krypto.
"CAR!!!!" Adao said excited rushing up to it "Woah thats so cool" he murmered looking through the window. 
Eva squeeled with delight seeing the bats "PETS!"
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Adao and Eva scowled at each other bickering and shoving each other around the junk yard they'd found to fight in. It was a great way to take out tension.
"Look at it!"
"NO YOU " 
"YOU MORE!" the pair snarled. They could probably be heard for miles away. "We need to find our family......"
"NO you do! NO YOU....... wait...... I agree...."
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Brenda frowned down at the boy on the hospital bed, then moved around the sick bay area of the Cave and straightened a few things that she'd left out of place while tending to him. Ivy's pheromones and the sleeping gas that Dämmerung had used were out of his system. Now she was only waiting for him to wake.
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She'd taken a quick patrol joyride in the Tumbler while Leslie and Alfred's backs were turned, just needing to get out and think after the conversations that she'd had a few days before in the Nexus. Those talks had stirred up memories; made her restless.

So she'd slipped into the new uniform that she'd designed (not too different looking from her first one but sporting several integrated upgrades and robot boots) and come here to her favorite vantage point to brood among the gargoyles as the wind blew her cape to billows around her.

She frowned and pulled it around her, hiding the yellow symbol on her chest despite the fact that she was wearing a cloaker and no one would be able to see it. Her mind went to the child that she'd left curled contentedly in the passenger seat of the Tumbler, and she frowned at how determined her younger twin was to pursue the life of a costumed vigilante. Bree did the workouts she assigned and would often have to be ordered out of the Cave when workout time was over. And Brenda had found her more than once pouring relentlessly over any information that fell into her small hands, be it encyclopedia or information pamphlets that she'd written away for. And the child's little pink notebooks were marvels of organized data.

Brenda shook her head. -I never started that young. And she doesn't even remember her parents.-

The thought made her frown and turn her face to the wind.
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It's funny how a good right hook is all it takes to change the balance in a fight, or in this case your location. Last thing he remembered was getting in a fight with Slade, and Batman wasn't in the cave to give him directions. So, he got in a good right hook. And the next thing he knew........ he was not where he'd originally left himself. He groaned "Great" he muttered to himself. "Just....... great."
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Every time they were going some where new, they always drew straws. Everytime. Yet every time Eva lost. Why? Because she choose the shorter straw because he twin couldn't be trusted. 
She sighed looking around, wondering what she should do. Seeing a poster of superman she grinned. She walked over pulling out a permanent Black marker and scribbling on it. THe usual, horns, beard, evil mustache.......
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Jim Gordon sighed as he pulled up to the Wayne mansion, still reeling over discovering the true identity of the Batwoman.

He stopped the car, then picked up the fresh bundle of carnations he'd picked up on the way back from the late shift, going up to the door and lifting his hand to knock, only to suddenly hear an angry scream and then the sounds of a heated argument coming from inside.

Suddenly an older woman Gordon knew as the poor-treating doctor Leslie opened the door suddenly, looking hassled and inviting him inside. He frowned and entered, then started and bolted for the crashing sound coming from a side room that was the opposite direction from the parlor where he'd been invited.
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Gordon sighed as he walked into the dark warehouse, looking around and waiting for the Batwoman.

"You always did like the darkest places," he said, sighing as he sat on a crate and waited, partially afraid of what he might find left of the Bat after all this time.


Apr. 6th, 2007 07:34 pm
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Katalyn ran down the street, panting as she hurried, skidding to a halt in a dead end alleyway she froze, then looked back at the pair of thugs coming after her.

Looking around she quickly grabbed an old pipe, holding it up.

"Leave ma alone!" the tiny girl said feircely.

"Oh ho, look at that," one of the thugs snickered, nudging his buddy. "Little girl has a weapon."

"Better be scared," his partner snickered. Then he shook his head, then advancing on her. "Seriously, sweetie, just put the pipe down. We'll make it a lot better for ya if you jsut come without a fuss."

"Like @#%$!" she screeched, lashing out quickly.

The man screamed, toppling over.

"My knee!" he bellowed.

"You little @#%#^," the other man screeched, reaching for her and grabbing the pipe as it swung again.

Katalyn's eyes got huge, and she started to squirm and kick at him, desperately re-reaching for her powers, which were still not working when she needed them to.
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Clara had been adjusting well to Brenda and everything and everyone at Wayne mannor. Only she had woken up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. She stiffled a scream and just bolted out of the bed and room litke a white ghost panicking from the dream and running through hall wayus. She couldn't exactly stop herself. Her mind was on auto-pilot just reacting to the dream and not thinking about what she was doing until she found the stair case leading down to the front hall. She took the stairs two at a time before she ended up slipping and sliding down the last dozen landing in a heap and breathing heavily.

The moon is bright ouside. Steaming in touches of light to illuminate the front of the manor. And Clara ends up shutting her eyes. Trying to block out the raspy noise she thinks she's hearing but really isn't. And she carefully sits up pulling her thin legs against her chest to just stay there curled up and very nervous. Because she can hear other noises tha might be there or might not be. It could be all in her head.
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